Digital Health

Digital Health


Digitisation opens up unprecedented possibilities in both diagnostics and patient care. With the world-class research output from Swiss institutions, we are well positioned to capitalise on these opportunities. To unlock the full benefits of these innovations, it further requires the close collaboration between government, science, society and industry.

Leap Vision

Create a conduit between government, science, society and industry to bring health solutions to life that elevate patient care and enable healthier lifestyles.


During our workshops we convene stakeholders to jointly develop use cases, which are ideas for collaborative projects. These use cases serve as starting point for our multi-stakeholder innovation efforts. Following our principles, the use cases are open for everyone to be inspired by, further developed and implemented – as Leap is all about execution.


Riva Digital

Riva Digital

making Switzerland fit


Hypertension is the #1 reason for death in Switzerland. What can be done about it?


Prevent high blood pressure in citizens by giving them the possibility to monitor their own blood pressure via an app.