How Digital Innovation Can Benefit Sustainability

With the omnipresent topic of climate change, it’s become very clear that innovation needs to be sustainable. We at Leap by digitalswitzerland have made it our goal to help build multi-stakeholder collaboration to strengthen Swiss organisations and society through launching not only impact-driven but also sustainable innovation. To tackle underlying transversal challenges, we’re now introducing our March series of workshops, dedicated to Sustainability & Circular Economy.

Aiming to build the foundation for multi-stakeholder innovation, Leap by digitalswitzerland offers a series of sustainability-related virtual workshops in March. The workshop series consists of three events, each one focusing on a subtopic within sustainability and circular economy. Experts will guide you through the Design Thinking workshops in the following topics: Circular Economy in Urban Areas, Decarbonisation in Switzerland, and AI for Sustainability.

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Are you a digitalswitzerland member currently tackling sustainability challenges or working in a Swiss organisation with a strong strategic interest in sustainability? Are you an expert in sustainability or circular economy? Are you looking  to join forces to face challenges concerning sustainability and are you ready to co-create sustainable innovation projects with other organisations? Then this event is for you! Sign up now for our upcoming virtual workshop series, starting on March 17, 2021.

The Importance of Digital Innovation towards Sustainability

Climate change affects us all: government, business, academia, and society, and we can all contribute to a more sustainable ecosystem – even easier when joining forces.

In 2016, the Paris Agreement entered into force, a legally binding international treaty on climate change, in which Switzerland is participating. Parties have committed to a common goal to limit global warming to below 2 degrees, preferably to 1.5 degrees, compared to pre-industrial levels. To achieve this goal, economic and social transformations are required. Under the Paris Agreement, Switzerland announced its 2050 climate strategy last year. By using renewable energy sources and with technologies that are already available, CO2 emissions from transport, buildings, and industry can be reduced by up to 95 percent by 2050 claims the Federal Council. 

Following the concept of linear economy (take, make, and dispose of) means that today, we’re still facing an enormous production of unnecessary waste due to mass consumption. Naturally, this behavior has led to an acute need to reduce the environmental impact. Now, together with participating organisations, we have set the ambitious goal of creating the foundation to develop potential solutions to the problems that come with climate change. While circular economy (make, use, and recycle) is one approach to reduce resource consumption, digital technologies are another enabler to reach these ambitious goals. Smart ICT-services and the Internet of Things (IoT) are examples of opportunity providers to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, which is why digital innovation is crucial for a more sustainable future.

We Aim for Sustainable Collaborative Innovation

By providing workshops in this field of interest, we at Leap by digitalswitzerland see the potential for innovation and want to support the further development of the foundation necessary to promote execution oriented multi-stakeholder projects. With the upcoming workshop series, we create an open forum for stakeholders with a practice-based approach to sustainability. By bringing the private sector and existing experts together, we aim to achieve an important base for interdisciplinary innovation.

Sustainability  is a pressing and transversal topic. We believe that collaborative innovation, with a focus on sustainability creates virtuous cycles of systemic changes that are impactful in Switzerland and beyond. The exchange happening during this workshop series contributes to a more circular Switzerland and therefore plays an important role in adding to global sustainable development. 

Do you want to have an impact yourself? Sign up here and take part in the virtual workshop(s) – first come first serve.

Author: Melanie Holenweger

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