Swiss Smart Farming

Swiss Smart Farming

Sustainable Agriculture for climate friendly food


Rising global population, climate change and unsustainable farming practices put an enormous pressure to come up with paradigm-shifting ways to produce our food in the near future.


Making the pathway to sustainable climate friendly farming and food production. Hereby producing healthy food with positive impact on nature and climate for everybody, everywhere, all the time!

What’s the problem you’re trying to solve?

There is insufficient food for the fast rising global population, unsustainable farming practices and food production with the exponentially rising climate crisis need fast, efficient and paradigm-shifting solutions. 

What are your goals and milestones?

We have identified the following four core goals:

Assist (organic) farmers in producing healthier food with online training and coaching for the usage of digital tools like soil sensors to produce more in line with nature.

Connect (organic) farmers with markets, especially B2B business to help them increase their profitability by receiving a bigger share of the consumer expenditures.

Give consumers an opportunity to have more transparency about food production and animal welfare, using digital tools (like blockchain).

Foster local food production and consumption with even healthier properties and less environmental damage (transportation, packaging, waste).

In order to reach these milestones, we have set this ambitious timeline:

2020: 3 – 5 farmers implementing technology (sensors and traceability) + 1000 farmers in education process

2021: 100+ Swiss farmers implementing technology (sensors and traceability) + 10.000+ farmers in education process

2022-2025: 30.000 farmers implementing the technology (sensors and traceability) + 50.000 farmers in education process, sharing cloud and experience; collected data used for machine learning

What’s your approach?

The aim to establish a digital training and coaching platform to support farmers to apply regenerative farming methods. Through continuous testing we will enable a successful distribution of soil sensors to assist farmers in decision making for better and climate friendly food production while using the LoRaWAN network. By building a digital B2B marketplace for premium food products, directly from farms and small producers, we will support a platform which will market a broad range of products. These endeavours will lead to building up a network of farmers that support each other in climate friendly farming approaches.

What’s the impact you’re aiming for?

We aim at producing climate friendly food, eventually even climate negative, by applying  regenerative farming methods. Swiss Smart Farming will become the European and later also the global role model of technology supported sustainable regenerative farming and climate friendly food production.

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