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Policy Kitchen

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Is there a more efficient way for countries to join forces and find solutions to global problems?


A crowd-innovation app connecting grassroots-think tanks and enabling an inclusive participatory solution creation.

What’s the problem you’re trying to solve?

When faced with global problems, countries often try to solve them individually, keeping knowledge exchange across countries very limited. Experts’ knowledge is dispersed around the globe, and they often lack access to relevant decision-makers.

What are your goals and milestones?

The Roundtable E-Democracy bets that it can develop a crowd-innovation app by September 2017 and, by joining forces with Polis180, launch the first international challenge by April 2018. Finally, it will deploy the app globally with over 100’000 participants by April 2019.

What’s your approach?

A platform designed for efficient collaboration across countries could solve that problem. Designed as a crowdsourcing think tank accessible to everyone, the platform would reflect a digital global democracy and create a bridge to policymakers, where ideas are transferred to practical solutions.

What’s the impact you’re aiming for?

The exchange platform can increase the quality and quantity of innovative solutions to foreign policy issues. Switzerland can position itself in a leading role as the initiator of the first global democracy platform.

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Policy Kitchen - Network Intelligence for Policy Creation

June 18, 2020

Project Launch – September 15th 2018

Policykitchen.com goes for the first time live with its pilot project focusing on international biodiversity protection. In seven workshops spanned across three countries with over 100 participants more than 42 ideas have been collected and presented in its first publication to high-level policy makers.


First global challenge – October 31st 2019

The “Inclusive AI” publication was the result of its first global challenge! With 11 workshops being held in Bangalore, Berlin, Boston, Geneva, Jaipur, Paris, San Francisco, São Paulo, Seoul and Vienna including the prestigious AI for Good Global Summit and World Summit on the Information Society. Partners included the swissnex Network, the Open Think Tank Network, AI Commons as well as the Berkman Klein Center and Wadhwani AI.


Policy Kitchen’s impressive retrospective for its two first years since launching the project shows that:

  • 16 Challenges have been launched
  • 50 workshops in 9 countries have been held
  • more than 1000 participants have joined
  • and gathered over 330 ideas
  • resulting in 5 publications and more than 250’000 CHF in Policy Kitchen contracts.

Check out Policy Kitchen’s current challenges – the inclusive process of networking intelligence for policy creation!