Digital Platform for Outdoor Professionals



The current certification process for outdoor professionals does not ensure an up-to-date status on their required skills.


A digital ecosystem that includes all stakeholders allowing for a digitalised authorisation based on smart contracts.

What’s the problem you’re trying to solve?

Customers want a guarantee that their instructor/guide possesses the required skills and satisfies the legal, regulatory and social obligations. The current certification process does not ensure a permanent up-to-date status, which a fully digitalised process would allow.

What are your goals and milestones?

The first target will be to bring together all relevant stakeholders which ensure the safety and risk minimization of instructors and customers to then create jointly the first ecosystem. This ecosystem shall be represented on a digital platform.

What’s your approach?

The platform, developed initially for the canton of Valais, will be extended to a digital ecosystem that includes all stakeholders. The next step would be to extend this for all cantons allowing for a nationwide digitalized authorisation platform.

What’s the impact your aiming for?

To go beyond meeting customer satisfaction and moreover to ensure minimum risks and guarantee safety including all stakeholders,  The skills and quality of the more than 100’000 instructors for all high-risk outdoor activities are always current and guaranteed, The solution shall be expandable to any governmental authorisation, in any field.

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