ICT Workshops

ICT Workshops

For Teachers at Schools



Many questions regarding the implementation and use of digital technologies in education remain unanswered.


By creating an effective working & intensive networking to the goal is to achieve participation and endorsements.

What’s the problem you’re trying to solve?

Digitization is progressing extremely fast and asks the students a set of new skills. Swiss students are threatened to lose their connection to the international top. The acceptance to teach and prepare future generations for the digitization must be encouraged.

What are your goals and milestones?

The project group “ICT-Workshops” bets that by the end of April 2018,  that 100 half-day-long programming workshops with the complete teaching staff of 100 schools of all levels and all language regions will be held.

What’s your approach?

The ICT-workshops has the goal to spark the teachers’ enthusiasm for the digitalization and the new means to teach their pupils.

What’s the impact your aiming for?

The workshops will raise awareness of the possibilities of digital teaching tools. Switzerland needs more designers, founders, developers and problem-solvers for the digital future.

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