Digital Infrastructure for Mobility

Digital Infrastructure for Mobility

Creating the Internet of Mobility


Innovative customer solutions in the inter-/multimodal mobility sector are currently only possible for fragmented and local solutions and lack a standardized environment to scale effectively.


The #digitalInfrastructureForMobility provides an open and standardized digital ecosystem for mobility players and accelerates the digitalization in the mobility sector.

What’s the problem you’re trying to solve?

The mobility market is experimenting with inter-/multimodal travel to provide better services to customers or to achieve social and economic goals set by governments, and the current crisis only accelerates this movement. Due to the lack of interoperability and open availability of data and services, innovations for new models can only be achieved on a small scale, and only companies with high investment resources (such as international tech-companies) can be successful in the long term.

What are your goals and milestones?

By mid-2021, a tried and tested productive setup of an ecosystem based on the digital infrastructure for mobility is running in a regional area in Switzerland with selected local partners. By the end of 2022, the digital infrastructure for mobility will be adopted nationwide, and collaborate in an internationally interoperable manner to create an “internet of mobility”.

What’s your approach?

The digital infrastructure for mobility aims to set up a digital ecosystem based on a mostly architectural decentralized approach, based on emerging open developed standards and an open collaboration, with a non-profit governance. The onboarding of the participating partners is directly supported to get the “living environment” moving.

What’s the impact you’re aiming for?

New innovative solutions for customers will emerge, both from the user-perspective (simplifying mobility consumption) and from an economic perspective, with new business models. In addition governmental objectives around mobility with a socio-economic impact can be developed efficiently.

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