Create people-centered solutions for an aging society



Swiss population ageing is straining our healthcare system and often fails to provide the right age-related care.


By collaborating with the ecosystem, the age-related care can be delivered more efficiently and effectively.

What’s the problem you’re trying to solve?

In 2050, about 1/4 of the Swiss resident population will be over 65, about 10% over 80. This will put much more strain on our age-related care providers and overall healthcare system. At the same time, dignified aging will become even more challenging.

What are your goals and milestones?

AgeLab is working with the ecosystem to develop applied solutions to address the challenges of an ageing society by leveraging human-centered design and data-driven innovation. Therein, AgeLab is pursuing the following milestones: First, create a structured decision-making tool for age-related care. Second, strengthen the information flow between relatives and care-providers.

What’s your approach?

AgeLab’s first product “BetterAgingGuide” aims to help people find suitable services in line with their specific context. It is intended to support older people and their relatives in obtaining the most appropriate care to retain their independence for longer. It also connects existing players and their services so that they can coordinate their services and provide care more efficiently. Over the long-term, “BetterAgingGuide” – which is empowered by machine learning – will not only improve search and coordination, but also collect valuable data that helps to optimize the age-related care system.

What’s the impact you’re aiming for?

AgeLab’s solution represents an optimized use of care and nursing services, an elevated treatment standard for patients and a reduced burden for the healthcare system.

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