The Road to

Some of the most pressing challenges cannot be solved alone. They require a multi-stakeholder approach in order to develop sustainable solutions for society and the economy. We see collaborative innovation as a key to creating systemic change and unleashing the potential of the digital era to solve today’s challenges.

Who Plays What Role?

Our Role

  • We help to find, design and launch multi-stakeholder projects
  • We provide a neutral forum for co-creation and & collaboration
  • We serve as connectors in the innovation ecosystem

Your Role

  • You are willing to co-design and co-drive multi-stakeholder projects
  • You engage actively in the spirit of co-creation & collaboration
  • You are open to networking and finding common ground

Rules of the Road

I. Inclusive

We have an open-door policy and endeavour to involve all stakeholders.

II. Transparent

We keep a free flow of information and open channels of communication.

III. Collaborative

We work together to create win-win situations for all involved parties.

IV. Impact-driven

We launch projects that create shared-value for organisations and society.

V. Execution-Focused

We are focused on doing innovation rather than talking about it.

Join Us!

If you would like to get more information about digitalswitzerland or become a member with your organisation and participate at Leap, then get in touch with us!