Process and Progress: how challenges develop

On Monday of this week (April 3), the digitalswitzerland challenge was launched with the pitching of the 18 bets. You can read about the event and watch the wrap-out movie and all pitches here.

But how looked the process which led to these 90 seconds on stage, which every pitcher had at his disposition? We can tell you this much; the effort on and back-stage was tremendous for the pitchers as well as for the Roundtables.


The Roundtable eHealth, which won the price for the most collaborative bet, has managed to convince 22 partners for a single project. In several meetings and with the help of a challenge angel, the participants managed to find a common denominator. The work of the table captain and the participants was exemplary: each participant defined pain points concerning the Swiss health system. Thereby the roundtable could formulate a bet with which each participant can personally identify. This process assured the motivation and enthusiasm of the 22 participants to get started and implement the bet.


Smaller Roundtables with fewer members, however have another advantage: They are more agile.

The Roundtable FinTech is a best-case (and practice) example for smaller Roundtables. The progress of the FinTech Roundtable demonstrates the possibilities and potential of the digitalswitzerland challenge. It also shows the determination of the participants as well as the pace of implementation of the given project, when leading personalities of the Swiss Fintech sector come together. The Roundtable has so far reasoned out the concept and has defined the resources as well as the technology it needs to implement its bet.

The Roundtable FinTech was excellent in the division of work and processes. By clearly prioritizing tasks and content, rapid progress was achieved, as the following clip shows.

Impact, impact & impact!

The clip is a great way to show the economic scope and impact of the bet “Swiss C-Share – digital property”. Without a doubt: An implementation of the Swiss C-Share would make Switzerland the global pioneer in the application of blockchain technology.

With the digitalswitzerland challenge and its format, which is based on a fast implementation, we hope to see more progress soon. And if the Roudntable Fintech runs as planned and can redeem its bet, we will be able to test an MVP (minimal viable product) Swiss-C-Share on 1 April 2018!

We are curious about how all bets will develop. We will provide regular updates on the status of individual bets!

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