Learn2Leap is taking off!

At Leap, the Swiss platform for multi-stakeholder innovation, we have just launched our newest offering: Learn2Leap! The fully-decentralised learning programme is an exclusive free offer for employees of digitalswitzerland member organisations to accelerate their innovation journey!

When participating in the programme, you will get insights from leading academics and innovation experts from the University of St. Gallen (HSG) and Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts (HSLU). You will also gain access to useful tools and templates. With five hours of online lectures, the experts will cover the following main areas in three consecutive modules:

  1. Transforming organisations for transversal innovation
  2. High-performance teams
  3. Executing innovation

Let’s have a look at the individual modules and their lectures: 

Module 1 | Transforming organisations for transversal innovation

Thomas Gutzwiller, Academic Director of the HBM Entrepreneurship School at the HSG, shares his insights about how your company can transform for transversal innovation. He starts with explaining the big picture of value generating organisations and transversal innovation to then elaborate on the crucial elements necessary to drive transformation and innovation in an organisation. In his third and last lecture, Thomas shows how to make innovation work across boundaries.

Module 2 | High-performance teams

Matthias Mölleney, guest lecturer at the HBM Entrepreneurship School at the HSG, addresses one of the most important disciplines in management: team building. He demonstrates how to build a team that has trust, respect and appreciation in its core to become a successful team. In his first lecture, he identifies teams built on trust or sympathy and shows a different approach on how to be successful as a team. In the following two lectures, Matthias outlines the “beyond leadership” approach – the new way of leading teams. He further explains how such an approach can help your team succeed.

Module 3 | Executing innovation

In the last module, experts from the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts will introduce you to tools and methodologies that help you best to carry out your innovation project efficiently. Tobias Pforr, a lecturer at the HSLU, gives an overview on why executing innovation is essential to create value. Patrick Link, Professor at the HSLU, then provides design-thinking tools in his lecture to help you attain a deep understanding of your innovation project. Continuing the deep dive on executing innovation, Patrick Bucheli, a lecturer at the HSLU, points out the importance of walking the tightrope between agile innovation and a structured approach. Through his lecture, you will understand the key principles of agile development and how to apply them to your project. Using examples from his +25 years of experience in the industry, Yves Karcher, also a lecturer at the HSLU, demonstrate the mindset needed to bring an innovation to market, despite some challenges on the way. Completing the last lecture, you will learn how to make your innovation market-ready.

Take a leap and start your learning journey

Learn2Leap aims at helping you and your team initialise and advance transversal innovation. The digital programme is designed as a self-paced programme, so you can work through the lectures at your own pace and convenience.

Now it is your turn! Are you currently working on a transversal project? And are you battling with the challenges of transversal collaboration? Or are you simply interested to know what it takes to execute an innovation project across organisational boundaries? Then the Learn2Leap programme is for you!

Start your learning journey now and sign up as an individual or as a team.

We look forward to having you join the programme and wish you an insightful experience!

Author: Melanie Holenweger

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