Together towards a more sustainable and circular Swiss economy

People gathering and exchaning ideas in a workshop.

At Leap by digitalswitzerland, we conducted a Workshop Series in March focusing on the challenges and innovation potential of Sustainability with special attention to Circular Economy and Decarbonisation. The goal was to find common challenges among different organisations, to then boost their creativity and foster the joint creation of innovative solutions.

Combining Efforts

At the same time of the workshops, we have also handed in a pre-proposal together with EMPA on the topic of Decarbonisation as part of the Innosuisse Flagship Initiative. Since the ideas gathered from the workshops and the strategic direction of the pre-proposal align, we will combine the two efforts. As such, we are happy to announce that behind the use-cases below there is already a group of public and private organizations that intend to implement the use-cases.

Use Cases: Promising Pilot Projects

Following, we would like to give you a summary of potential implementation-oriented innovative projects, so-called use cases. If there is one or more use case(s) that catch your interest, deep-dive into that particular one by clicking here, and please let us know your preference by submitting the form, embedded on the landing page.

#1 Promote circularity: Incentivize stakeholders and data access!

#2 Awareness and trust: Integrated Sustainable Buyers Guide!

#3 Let’s build a platform to enable businesses to share their decarbonisation data!

#4 Let’s empower businesses to become pioneers of decarbonisation!

#5 Let’s incentivize all stakeholders and increase GHG business models!

We look forward to shaping the future of a sustainable and circular Switzerland with you!

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Author: Melanie Holenweger

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