Take a Leap of Faith


Globally scholars estimate that the current pandemic will change the world profoundly and permanently (read here Yuval Noah Harari’s assessment). In spite of the drastic measures introduced by governments around the world, the spread of COVID-19 will most likely cause vast economic, social, technological, political and environmental consequences which will last. 

Cybersecurity threats, global supply chain and mobility disruptions, and the biggest economic downturn since the Great Depression. We are just starting to see the first signs of major changes. No one knows what the future holds, but history has shown that crises trigger deep and unexpected shifts. Instead of waiting for a return to pre-pandemic normality, we believe it is now more important than ever to adapt and innovate. 

Why Leap?

With the new Leap programme, digitalswitzerland wants to address and tackle precisely these interdisciplinary challenges, which require the consideration and inclusion of entire value chains.

The vision of Leap is to empower organisations to create collaborative and impactful ecosystems for innovation. We want to push human-centric innovation as a way to identify sustainable solutions to systemic issues. We want to encourage Switzerland’s key stakeholders to jointly take a Leap of faith! 

What is Leap?

Leap unites the digitalswitzerland challenge and Vertical programmes. With its bottom-up approach, the digitalswitzerland challenge aimed to promote collaborative innovation based on concrete projects. The Verticals sought to complement digitalswitzerland’s existing activities from an industry-specific perspective. Leap combines the best elements of the two programmes and key-learnings of the more than 30 projects launched previously.

These two initiatives brought to life projects like Riva Digital – a digital ecosystem that now brings together more than 25 partners. Together they developed an App that makes it possible to monitor high blood pressure by using a smartphone camera. Other projects include the Swiss Autonomous Valley, which brings together experts and visionary entrepreneurs to create a unique ecosystem to accelerate the development of autonomous systems. The Swiss Datacenter Efficiency Association launched a first-of-its-kind data center efficiency label to decarbonize data centers and significantly reduce their overall energy consumption.

Leap functions as an ongoing hackathon, addressing structural risks and challenges to society and the economy. Challenges, opportunities, unmet needs and areas of potential innovation need to be explored. A team of like-minded people then designs and validates suitable solutions. If these ideas are successful locally, they offer the potential to be jointly scaled globally.

How does Leap work and what are the benefits?

Leap follows a systemic ecosystem approach, which is divided into three different phases of exploration, design and validation. This is enabled by a digital platform called Cognistreamer and annual events. Current projects and related news are published on the Leap Webpage and shared with the digitalswitzerland community.

The opportunities of cross-sector collaborative innovation are obvious: solutions and thus new business models for products and services are more complex in the digital age because they are interconnected and therefore rarely limited to one discipline or sector. By accessing and sharing knowledge, Leap participants can test new ideas, build partnerships and networks and develop new business fields. Participants are given a testing ground outside their organisations while developing talents. Collaborative innovation, allows to jointly bear the risks and benefits of sustainable development of the economy and society.

How to join Leap

There are several ways for you to participate in Leap: 

Are you a member of digitalswitzerland?
Contact us as leap@digitalswitzerland.com. We will give you further information on Leap and access to our platform so that you can share your ideas and connect with the Leap community.
Do you want to join an existing project? Check out our new webpage www.leap.digitalswitzerland.com and get in touch with your favourite project team! 

Are you not yet a digitalswitzerland member but would like to hear more about our organization? Then get in touch with us now! 

Join Us!

If you would like to get more information about digitalswitzerland or become a member with your organisation and participate at Leap, then get in touch with us!