Boosting Leap Projects with a New Executive Training

Through shared knowledge, collaboration and courage, Leap by digitalswitzerland strengthens Swiss organisations and society through pioneering sustainable and impact-driven innovation. Only by taking the leap to cross barriers and join forces within and across organisations, true innovation can happen. digitalswitzerland offers its members the Leap platform to meet like-minded people and companies, to develop a risk-taking culture, and to launch ambitious innovation projects that shape the future of Switzerland and make it a leading digital innovation hub.

With Leap, we not only offer a place to match innovators to grand challenges, we support (and challenge) them with communication spotlights and storytelling, network, and – since this year – with hands-on executive training.

After conducting a series of interviews with Leap project members, C-Level, and industry experts, we identified three main challenges that teams are facing in building true innovation. 

1. Having a clear, tangible vision and common goal together with a mandate from top management

2. Focusing on the right things at the right time to execute innovation with scarce resources

3. Creating a space where failures and risk-taking are encouraged to develop innovations

Since the core of innovation is entrepreneurship, we partnered with the HBM Entrepreneurship School of the University of St. Gallen to create a hands-on programme that shares latest insights from academia, while at the same time helps the participants to put the knowledge into practice with their Leap projects. The goal of the course is not to have yet another certificate, but to be proud of the project, the team and its accomplishments.

The result is an intensive pitstop for our Leap teams. The training offers the latest insights on how to create collaborative innovation, details agile execution methodologies and creates the right mindset for high-performing teams,combined with individual coaching to propel innovation efforts.

The Leap Executive Training focuses on three key areas: 

– Leading organisations into cross-industry ecosystems 

– Creating a joint vision and executing on agreed outcomes 

– Establishing high-performing teams and creating supportive environments where they can thrive

In early February, we conducted a pilot of the training with three Leap teams (SDEA, 4D-DLT, and Policy Kitchen) to refine the format,as well as the content before the official launch at Demo day on April 20, 2021.

Prof. Dr. Thomas Gutzwiller, academic director of the HBM Entrepreneurship School gave an inspiring talk to participants. It was a deep-dive on innovation topics, the interrelationships of a business model, tackling the Who, What, Why and How of creating and capturing value, which formed the basis of the following two sessions. Mike Hubmann, Partner & Trainer at BWI Management Weiterbildung gave an introduction on the different methodologies to execute innovation. The key input was on how to make agile project management work for dispersed teams with scarce resources by focusing on iterative (vs. incremental) work and conducting highly-concentrated sprints with a clear, common goal that connects all stakeholders. Building on this, Dominik Probst, Managing Director at Jester Advisory, emphasised on the value of high-performing teams and psychological safety as criteria for success. The key learning is on how people interpret any given situation and how personal and team core can be shaped through approaches used in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

All team members are equally important for the success of an innovation project. That’s why we made it a mandatory requirement for the project sponsor(s) to participate in all sessions. 

In the next step of the training, teams will work on concrete challenges they encounter in their respective projects. In individual sessions, Mike, Dominik, and Tobias Pforr from RedRock, our long-time support who also helped design the Executive Training, will provide expert guidance and work with the teams to overcome these innovation barriers. 

The Leap Executive Training will be available to all members of digitalswitzerland to boost their Leap or internal transversal innovation projects. Training dates, pricing and criteria for participation will be announced at Demo Day on April 20. 

Have we caught your interest? 

If you are launching (or planning to launch) an innovation project as a digitalswitzerland member, consider Leap Executive Training!      

You will get access to a tailored curriculum that will supercharge your team’s capabilities throughout the innovation cycle. The training equips you with the skills to go from ideating, to implementing, to scaling new multi-stakeholder innovation projects. You will confidently pioneer collaborative innovation for your organisation. 

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