Leap & Accenture collaborate on Digital Health

Since the beginning of the year, we’ve been busy aligning two formerly separate innovation programmes to create the newly combined programme Leap. The goal of Leap is to use lessons learned from the previous programme’s and support organisations to collaboratively tackle systemic and interdisciplinary challenges.

Aim of the Collaboration with Accenture?

The aim of our upcoming joint workshop with Accenture is to support high quality project ideas by engaging key stakeholders, fostering mutual learning and insights to create a curious and high-performing, collaborative innovation culture.

Accenture provides expertise and hands-on-experience to drive ideas from ideation to market value at speed. In exciting news, Accenture will  support the resulting project idea from the workshop with a tailor-made accelerator programme!

Why the topic of Digital Health?

Leap by digitalswitzerland has chosen the topic of digital health for our next workshop to facilitate and explore the vast opportunities that enable cross-industry collaboration in fostering innovation in digital health for Switzerland.

It is true that the world is now in a period of COVID-fatigue and the virus continues to affect our lives. The global pandemic has spurred massive innovation efforts all across from individuals, universities, governments and companies. This is also true for the global healthcare system. Today, human & AI collaboration is increasingly important in studying the COVID virus, as documented by Stanford University, Novartis and Roche.

Artificial Intelligence, to name one of many technological trends, offers massive potential to transform health systems from a reactive nature to a more proactive one. This is possible through predictive and even preventive opportunities. However, with the rush of innovation and technological promises, it is more important than ever to think critically and act with a long term process.

What will happen during the workshop?

As highlighted by Accenture’s Digital Health Technology Vision 2020; in order to unleash innovation for the new future of healthcare, emerging business and care models must be rooted in collaboration and people’s needs. Increasing concern about data privacy, must be considered. The workshop will aim at delivering solutions to these two major challenges.

The virtual workshop is divided into two parts:

The first part will consist of a keynote presentation by Boris Bogdan and a walk through an interactive presentation on the current challenges and pain points within digital health. This will allow participants to quickly gain a comprehensive overview of the topic.

The second part will be focused on jointly exploring the solution spaces for these challenges,  before drafting concrete ideas in an interdisciplinary team.

What can you expect from the accelerator by Accenture?

After the workshop, the teams will have time to prepare for the pitch in February 2021 which will be presented to  digitalswitzerland & Accenture board members. The winning project team will receive 6-weeks acceleration support from Accenture to drive the idea from ideation to market value at speed in order to officially present their project during Leap’s Pitch & Demo Day on April 20, 2021. This is Leap’s yearly event where all Leap projects will be presented in front of the digitalswitzerland members. And who knows, maybe the collaboration between the winner and Accenture will continue beyond that. We hope for it!

Author: Stephanie Tauber Gomez

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