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We believe that innovation often is the product of collaboration. Therefore, digitalswitzerland created Leap, the Collaborative Innovation programme that serves as the neutral Swiss platform for collaborative innovation projects. The goal is to bring together the relevant stakeholders to solve pressing challenges that are better solved as a team. Within our network, we discuss dozens of ideas that then turn into real-life business cases. In our new blog series “The heart of the Leap community” we would like to take a closer look at such existing business cases and  introduce you to different Leap projects.

Our community, consisting of digitalswitzerland members, sees collaborative innovation as a key to creating systemic change and unleashing the potential of the digital era to solve today’s challenges. In the last couple of years, they launched impactful multi-stakeholder projects worthy of shining the spotlight on. In this piece, you will get a sneak peek of multiple projects. This year,  we will take deep dives into these projects in subsequent blog posts. Prepare to be  inspired by these innovations, you might even find yourself stepping into new territories to leverage the projects’ potentials.

Privacy Icons

Very often one cannot make heads or tails of which personal data is used for what purposes. Privacy Icons makes data processing easily understandable and transparent for consumers, and provides organisations with a simple way of displaying what data is processed. By implementing a Swiss standard for data processing based on pictogrammes, Privacy Icons tackles the obstacles of intransparent and lengthy data processing and enables a simplified usage of personal data.


If you have ever tried to found a company in Switzerland, you are aware of its complexity. Drakkensberg offers a straightforward digital solution to simplify this lengthy process. Thanks to a blockchain-supported incorporation process that enables simple and fast incorporation, you as a future business owner may register your company within a couple of days or even hours.

Swiss Autonomous Valley

Autonomous systems offer many advantages, especially in the transportation sector. However, despite it, the development and in particular the approval process still needs to overcome multiple hurdles. Swiss Autonomous Valley aims to accelerate the approval process of such systems to drive their development forward. They offer test sites for developers of autonomous systems and replicate real cities in mirror worlds, so-called digital twins.


With the omnipresent fight against climate change, it’s become clear that IT plays its role in energy consumption and thus CO2 emissions. More and more energy will be used for IT, including Swiss data centres. SDEA has created the SDEA Label, which provides transparency on the energy efficiency and end-to-end climate impact of data centres. The Label raises awareness and fosters collaboration with third party organisations by leveraging each other’s expertise and best practices, demonstrating the business and sustainability impact of Green Label certification.

Policy Kitchen

Are you collaborating with other stakeholders on a global scale? This is possible thanks to Policy Kitchen. The Policy Kitchen team created a cloud innovation platform and app, helping governments, think tanks, foundations and other organisations to find solutions to policy challenges together. You can help create ideas to tackle challenges or join the Policy Kitchen Groups, offering an exchange platform in numerous topics.


The 4T-DLT initiative aims to help citizens leverage the potential of distributed ledger technology (DLT). Under the umbrella of digitalswitzerland, the initiative follows a federative and collaborative innovation approach to create an open repository for the technical and legal information, definitions and standards that will enable a secure, interoperable and reliable Swiss Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) infrastructure. Download whitepaper.

You now have an overview of innovation projects that have reached a certain level of maturity. We would like to introduce you to one of our youngest multi-stakeholder innovation projects, embarking on a 4-year project journey this January 2022.

Wiser Flagship Project

Switzerland has ambitious climate neutrality goals – in particular the decarbonisation goals. To reach them, trustworthy Greenhouse gas (GHG) knowledge is a necessity. However, accurately understanding, validating and tracking value chain emissions is difficult and complex due to dispersed, fragmented and limited exchange of emissions data. The Wiser Flagship Project so far consists of 15+ partners that will soon create the world’s biggest open-source ecosystem, made in Switzerland, for CO2 emissions. This will enable organisations to manage and reduce their CO2 emissions, which can contribute significantly to reaching the ambitious goal of climate neutrality.

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We hope you are excited about the upcoming deep dive blog posts into the different projects and are inspired to continue reading about all these collaboration-packed innovation projects.

Are you facing a pressing challenge that you can’t solve alone? Would you be thrilled to join forces with other stakeholders to create the digital solution you were looking for? Or would you like to join existing projects? Then, Leap is for you. Join our collaborative innovation community. 

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Author: Melanie Holenweger

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