Confetti, Cameras and Collaborative Innovation

Leap Team announcing the winning Project of Leap Digital Demo Day 2021.

The highlights of the Leap Digital Demo Day 2021: An iconic winner, the internet of mobility and a new training opportunity to flex our innovation muscles!

The Leap Demo Day has traditionally been THE annual event, where new and ongoing multi-stakeholder innovation projects coming out of Leap present their endeavours and achievements at Kraftwerk in front of the digitalswitzerland community, decision makers and industry leaders. 

The latest Leap developments

In an interview with Cosima Gill, who moderated the event, Guillaume Gabus and Stephanie Tauber Gomez – the two Co-Leads of Leap – presented the latest developments within the Leap programme. There has been a lot going on lately. But read for yourself:

  • Leap is currently working on two consortium projects in the fields of Digital Health & Decarbonisation with several academic and industry partners – exciting times ahead!
  • Together with the HBM Entrepreneurs School at the University of St. Gallen Leap is now offering executive training to support all teams working on multi-stakeholder innovation projects within the digitalswitzerland network. Find out more here and get in touch with us! 
  • The future is hybrid – join our next virtual topic workshop on digital infrastructure from wherever you are – sign-up here

Guillaume and Stephanie conclude: “Our multi-stakeholder initiative brings together organisations from the public and private sectors to jointly tackle complex challenges that impact people and society as a whole. The individual projects act like a startup, but think like a movement, and are thus instrumental in bringing about responsible innovation.”

Scalers – The ongoing Leap Projects 

Not all great ideas go on to become great projects, but many do. Like Privacy Icons – the winning project and star of the event. What did they do to make their way up to the winner’s podium? With their Swiss standard for data processing based on pictogrammes, Privacy Icons highlights the obstacles of intransparent and lengthy data processing and enables a simplified usage of personal data. 

In total, we showcased six nominees among the ongoing Leap projects. Let’s give you a short introduction:

Drakkensberg: Founding a company in Switzerland is not easy. The Drakkensberg Team has addressed this problem and created a blockchain-supported incorporation process that enables simple and fast incorporation. They kicked off 2018 with their own start-up in under 3 hours.

4T-DLT: They aim to help citizens leverage the potential of distributed ledger technology (DLT), facilitating the independent storage of digital information, values and rights, and the straightforward and efficient transfer of these. 4T-DLT has just released four informative video clips.

Policy Kitchen: With a crowd-innovation app connecting grassroot think tanks, Policy Kitchen allows countries to join forces and find solutions to global problems. Complementing the app with physical workshops and a support process, the best solutions for a lasting impact on foreign policy can be found.

SDEA: This new and unique label creates transparency on the energy efficiency and end-to-end climate impact of data centres. It is a  coalition of industry and academic organisations that aim to create a unique and comprehensive approach to sustainability certification for data centres. 

SwissAutonomousValley: With the goal to accelerate the approval process for autonomous systems and to drive their development forward, SAV makes test sites available for developers of autonomous systems and re-creates real cities in virtual mirror worlds, so-called digital twins. 

Launchers – The upcoming Leap Projects 

The two freshest Leap Projects seized the opportunity to present their recently developed ideas and goals. Let’s explore what they are up to:

Precision Manufacturing: Schweizer Salinen and Schweizer Zucker, two major players in the Swiss Manufacturing Industry are combining forces to meet the demand for more automation in the Swiss process industry. Want to know more about the Precision Manufacturing Group and how to accelerate the automation processes in Swiss manufacturing? Get in touch!

AgeLab: A project that supports the Swiss health care system to meet the needs of an ageing society. They are convinced that by collaborating with the ecosystem, age-related care can be delivered more efficiently and effectively. Would you like to know more? Let them know!

The above ambitious ideas are definitely worth following up with! We are excited to hear about their project progress in a year’s time.

Inspirers  – The serendipitous Leap Projects 

Shoot for the moon and you’ll land among the stars they said. Well sometimes you land at “Bundesbern” while innovating the internet of mobility. In addition to the winner, another very special project took centre stage:

ArcMobilité combines digital infrastructure and multimodality by linking data from different mobility providers in a simple way. According to project leader Andreas Fuhrer, the primary goal of the project was to make the idea of a digital infrastructure tangible. This project seems to have succeeded, as the federal government is now pursuing the idea on a national level, more precisely, the responsibility now lies with the Department of the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications (DETEC). Andreas Fuhrer tuned in during the live event and gave an interview directly from Ticino. What an inspiring story to wrap up the Leap Digital Demo Day 2021. 

Have you missed the event?

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, we had to reinvent the event and are proud to have organised a fully-virtual Demo Day 2021 – a livestream event accessible for anyone from anywhere in the world. And you know what’s best? If you missed to watch the live broadcast, you can now still grab your popcorn and watch the full event recording here! 

Author: Melanie Holenweger

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