Tired of facing challenges alone?

Are you battling challenges in your industry? Have you tried to solve them but couldn’t find the solution on your own? You’re not the only one and that’s why the Leap platform offers free support to tackle underlying transversal challenges. 

Together, we explore opportunities, unmet needs, plus areas to innovate for you, along with your organisation,so you feel empowered to create collaborative and impactful ecosystems for innovation. We work together to create win-win situations for all parties. Moreover, because this collaborative work is worth celebrating, Leap hosts the annual Leap Digital Demo Day on 20 April 2021.

The Road to Multi-Stakeholder Innovation

Leap attracts not only digitalswitzerland members, but also other relevant actors in the Swiss ecosystem to innovate locally with global impact, to collaborate within and between organisations and to execute forward-thinking as well as sustainable ideas. The road to multi-stakeholder innovation is steep, sometimes bumpy, very inspiring and worth going through with your peers. It starts by finding focus: what are the transversal challenges and what lies at  the core of them? What underlying factors play a critical role? We will evaluate the answers to these questions throughout a series of iterative Leap workshops where besides learning and knowledge, we exchange new perspectives. With the support of experts, we then create collaborative potential use cases. Participating organisations co-design pilot projects, enjoy a fast-track to test out new ideas for innovation outside their organisation, create partnerships, and foster collaboration. At the end of the road – which is only the beginning of an exciting journey – you will refine the project scope and most importantly, define its explicit purpose, establish a team and finally launch your pilot project.

How We Celebrate Success and Get Inspired

What would all the hard work be for without cherishing the success? With the annual Leap Digital Demo Day, we gather members and partners to get inspired by new and existing collaborative ideas.  We present and celebrate  the already thriving member-initiated projects within the Leap ecosystem. So far, about 200 organisations have been involved in approximately 40 projects. Of this number, 11 projects continue, with 3 successfully completed and 8 being established as a club, venture or association, or still actively running. And we are looking forward to the next daring ideas! 

Are you up next? 

By participating in the Leap Digital Demo Day, you get the chance to see with your own eyes what others have achieved with multi-stakeholder innovation projects. We have invited the Scalers who will present their projects, including their journey during the last 365 days. You will watch interviews with the Project Leads before voting for the project that you think deserves the most credits. In the second part of the event, we will also get to know the Launchers. They have just developed their idea and are ready to work on achieving their goals so that they become Scalers in one year from now. At Leap, we celebrate each one of the implementation-oriented projects created by like-minded peers, as they contribute to making Switzerland a leading hub for digitalization worldwide.

We are very excited to host the upcoming Leap Digital Demo Day and can’t wait to celebrate what has been achieved already, but foremost we look forward to getting even more inspiration for future projects. 

This year’s event will  take place as a live stream on the 20 of April from 17:00 -18:30. 

Will you join us? Register here. See you there!

Author: Melanie Holenweger

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