Our Goal:

We mobilise digitalswitzerland members, and other organisations in the Swiss ecosystem, to unlock collaborative potential and build forward-thinking and sustainable solutions

The Win Win Architects

Guillaume Gabus
creativity, knowledge, action, trust, ambitious goals and the courage to apply learning – that’s what collaborative innovation is all about!

Guillaume Gabus


Stephanie Tauber Gomez
Collaborative innovation means identifying the shared pains between different organisations and bringing the diverse capabilities to jointly create solutions which otherwise would not have been possible.

Stephanie Tauber Gomez


Jan Friedli
Nothing unites organisations more than a shared problem of critical importance that craves an immediate collaborative solution.

Jan Friedli

Project Manager

Melanie Holenweger
Collaborative innovation is the fruit of great teamwork across organisational boundaries, combining individual strengths to find the best solutions together.

Melanie Holenweger

Content & Community Manager

Jade Sternberg
Working as a team, everyone contributes with their own skills and knowledge to find the most fit-for-purpose solution to a shared problem creating a positive impact – that’s collaborative innovation.

Jade Sternberg

Project Manager

Led by an Experienced Board

Christian Keller

CEO IBM Switzerland, Co-Lead LEAP

Yvonne Bettkober

General Manager Switzerland, AWS

Wolfgang Eger

CIO, Swiss Post AG

Marco Huwiler

County Managing Director, Accenture

Simone Frömming

Director Enterprise Customers, Microsoft

Jochen Decker



Launch of Challenge Programme


Digitalswitzerland launched the “Challenge” programme with the support of Engagement Migros. The goal of “Challenge” was, as it still is today with Leap, to launch groundbreaking digitisation projects through collaboration. The programme pursued a bottom-up approach where forward-thinking innovators spearheaded ambitious multi-stakeholder pilot projects. Several projects in today’s Leap ecosystem can trace their origins back to the “Challenge” programme, which is a testament to the courage and vision of these bold innovators.

Launch of Verticals Programme


Digitalswitzerland concurrently initialised a program called “Verticals”. It followed a more top-down approach to collaboration by forming sector-specific working groups, consisting of digitalswitzerland members. Its aim was to convene relevant stakeholders to close the gaps and address pain points in specific industries stemming from the advance of digitisation. These teams of leaders have built a solid foundation, which we still use to this day to launch multi-stakeholder pilot projects.

Launch of Leap Platform


Digitalswitzerland launched Leap, which combines the best elements of the “Challenge” and “Vertical” programmes. By harmonising the bottom-up and top-down approach, Leap’s collaborative innovation process is unique and backed by several years of experience. Today, we use it to mobilise digitalswitzerland members, and other organisations in the Swiss ecosystem, to unlock collaborative potential and build forward-thinking and sustainable solutions. Therein, we continue to work tirelessly to refine our approach and expand our offerings to maximise the value we create for the economy and society.

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